Governance & Committees

Executive Board 
President: Mike Roth Company; Oregon Premier Realty Phone: 503-930-0817

Purpose: The duties and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors are to provide direction for the organization. The board has a strategic function in providing the vision, mission, and goals of the organization. Some additional purposes of the Board of Directors are to establish and enforce a policy based governance system, govern the organization, monitor and maintain functionality of the association, and to recruit, supervise, retain, evaluate and compensate Chief Executive Officer. The board also has a fiduciary duty to protect the organization’s assets and member’s investment.

Government Affairs Committee
Chair: Maryann Mills Company: Oregon Premier Realty Phone: 503-871-8448

Purpose: The Government Affairs Committee is to protect the interests of the membership and the real estate industry in relation to any proposed local government policies. The committee determines if such policies are of benefit or detriment to the ability of NWAR members to conduct their business successfully and ethically and to promote the preservation of the right to own, use, and transfer real property. The committee will research, draft and recommend positions and appropriate responses to the Board of Directors.

Professional Standards/Grievance Committee

Purpose: The function of this committee is to provide initial consideration to allegations of unethical conduct or arbitration requests, and determine whether a complaint should be the subject for a hearing in its claim and presentation. 

Community Outreach & Membership Committee
Chair: Stephanie Wells Company: Hallmark Properties
Phone: 503-931-9122
Purpose: To be active in reaching out to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of the community, consumers and public interest groups.
Professional Development
Chair: Rosi Green Company: AmeriTitle 
Purpose: Arranges for informative educational seminars that provide continuing education credit, selects topics for monthly membership meetings.
Golf Tournament Committee
Chair: Rosi Green Company: AmeriTitle 
Phone: 503-302-6990
Purpose: This committee manages and plans all relations for the NWAR Annual Golf Ttournament.

What to Join a Committee?

Email the Committee Chair, for more information.

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